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Dietary supplements and homeopathy Almost all of these preparations are based on natural ingredients such as ginseng bark, rhodiola rosea, yohimbe bark, deer antlers and other natural biostimulants.

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Supplements are best for treating impotence, as well as erectile dysfunction caused by stress, psychological problems and fatigue.

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The list of mild erection stimulants is quite wide: Yohimbine, Viardot, Vuka-Vuka, Golden Horse, Verona, Ali caps, Erectin, Homeopathic Impaza, Sealex and others.

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  • Despite the fact that dietary supplements are natural preparations, it is impossible to start taking any of them without a doctor's recommendation.
  • Only a doctor, after examination and consultation, will be able to choose the most effective herbal stimulant and prescribe treatment, if necessary.
  • Synthetic drugs Today there are a huge number of tablets that stimulate the sexual power of men. Let's consider the most popular ones:
  • 1. The drug Viagra Popular pills for the treatment of impotence, which also has a non-proprietary international name "Sildenafil".

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It first appeared on the Russian pharmaceutical market in 1998. Today it is the first representative of a group of drugs called type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitors.

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When taking Viagra, as well as adequate sexual stimulation, the blood vessels in the penis begin to actively expand, as a result of which the blood flow in it increases significantly, due to which an erection occurs.


It should be noted that the treatment of impotence in men with these pills works only in the presence of strong sexual arousal and does not affect reproductive functions at all.

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One tablet of the drug contains 25 mg, 50 mg or 100 sildenafil - the main active ingredient.

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However, the composition also includes inactive components. These include:

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