JThere is no pain during and after the operation. The urethral catheter is removed after 15-20 hours. Discharge takes place on day 2-3. The activation of the prosthesis takes place in conjunction with the doctor in 3-4 weeks. We use innovative "no-touch technique" After unpacking, the prosthesis has minimal contact with the patient's skin or the surgeon's hands, which reduces the development of such a formidable complication as periprosthetic infection to almost zero.
The operation is performed by Dmitry Olegovich Korolev - Senior Researcher at the Institute of Urology and Human Reproductive Health, Candidate of Medical Sciences. Trained at Addenbrooke's hospital, Cambridge, UK.
Impotence is the complete absence of an erection of the penis, which leads to the impossibility of having intercourse. Of course, problems with potency significantly worsen the quality of life, having a negative impact on self-esteem and psycho-emotional status of a man, as well as on family and interpersonal relationships. Until recently, this diagnosis was made to absolutely all patients, without exception, who consulted doctors with complaints about a decrease in the duration and strength of an erection.

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However, to date, medicine has advanced significantly and, thanks to many studies and clinical trials, it has been revealed that there are much more representatives with a reduced quality of an erection than with a complete absence of it. Therefore, the term "erectile dysfunction" is now more often used, which means violations in the cialis function of a strong half of humanity, and impotence is the most extreme degree of these problems.

It is generally accepted that difficulties in cialis life begin with age. However, such judgments are not correct. In the absence of daily stress and various diseases, every man is able to have a normal sex life even at the age of 60. According to statistics, in recent years, more frequent visits to the doctor with complaints of weak erection of patients aged 25 years.
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The cialis for the development of erectile dysfunction Like any other disease, cialis impotence also has its own cialis for development and can appear in the following cases: with regular stress, chronic depression, a constant feeling of fear and daily nervous tension; with injuries, multiple sclerosis, damage to the intervertebral discs, operations on the pelvic organs and excessive abuse of nicotine and alcohol; with arterial diseases such as diabetes or hypertension;

in case of violations in the mechanism of limiting the outflow of blood from the genital organ; taking certain medications, such as antidepressants and drugs that lower blood pressure, etc.
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  • However, today, thanks to many of the latest developments in the medical field, it is possible to treat impotence with pills that actively stimulate male sexual power. The list of medicines includes the following medicines:
  • Herbal preparations. These include food biologically active additives (BAA), such as Golden Horse, Yohimbine Plus, Potential, as well as homeopathic remedies such as Impaza.
  • Chemically synthesized tablets. These include Viagra, Levitra, Prostaglandin E-1, Cialis, phentolamine, etc.
  • problems in the family with impotence All these drugs are effective and effective, but this or that remedy should be taken only as directed by a doctor.

Treatment of impotence with pills can only harm if you take the drug incorrectly.

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However, it is rather difficult to independently understand this great variety of medicines used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction or impotence.
Only a specialist can choose the most effective way to restore potency based on the reasons for their development and the individual characteristics of the patient. In the modern world, there is a huge selection of drugs, and choosing the right one is not difficult.

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Almost all of them relieve muscle spasms and improve blood circulation. The combination of these actions facilitates the onset of arousal and erection and makes it stronger and more complete.